‘Stained’ Brow Colour vs ‘Semi-Permanent’ Colour vs ‘Permanent’ Brow Colour

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‘Stained’ Brow Colour vs ‘Semi Permanent’ Colour vs ‘Permanent’ Brow Colour

  • 6 – Animated Charts of Layers of The Skin With Pigment Deposits
  • Depths of Pigment
  • Needle Penetration
  • Macrophages Engulfing Bacteria
  • Anesthesia Boost Secrets
  • How Long Do Brow Strokes Last?
  • Brow ‘Staining’ Application Techniques
  • Brow ‘Semi-Permanent’ Application Techniques
  • Brow ‘Permanent’ Application Techniques
  • Why call it Permanent MakeUp if it isn’t?
  • Colour Refresher Secrets


  • We have been offering these 3 types of brows since 1988.
  • Having had thousands of clients, these are the conclusions we have come up with.
  • There are basically  3 types of people considering permanent makeup.
  1. Clients that are very hesitant, but would like to try a brow that lasts longer than traditional makeup.
  2. Clients that peruse social media sites, see good and not so good PMU brows and are willing to try Semi-Permanent Brow Strokes as long as their brows appear natural looking.  Many of these clients have mastered a specific brow pattern they like, but are willing to listen to other brow shape options.
  3. Clients that have tried the Stained Brow Colour, stepped up to Semi-Permanent Brows and are now ready for Permanent Brow Strokes. These people know what they are  looking for in a good brow foundation. They know they can augment their brows with makeup for a more dramatic effect for nighttime fun.

3 Types of Brow Colour Applications Explained:

  1. Stained Brow Colour – On Average, Lasts 2-4 weeks – Creates a ‘Staining Colour Effect’
  2. Semi-Permanent Brow Strokes – On Average, Lasts 3 – 12 Months – Creates a ‘Semi-Permanent Effect’
  3. Permanent Brow Strokes – On Average,  Lasts 1+ Year – Creates a ‘More Permanent Effect’

This is explained in the Brow Colour Module animation with depths of needle and pigment placement.

Individual ‘Pigment Colour Longevity’ depends on many factors.

These 3 brow services will fit ALL of your client’s needs!

Professional technicians have shared with us, that if the reader, does not understand pigment and needle depth placement after watching this module, keep watching it until it clicks in your memory!

Other Brow Modules To Consider:

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All Modules Are Application Specific

Fundamentals of Perfect Brow Strokes      features Fundamentals of Hair Strokes, the How, Why, What and Where.

‘Stained’ Brow Colour vs ‘Semi-Permanent’ Colour vs ‘Permanent’ Brow Colour  features the Depths of Needle Insertion.

Perfect Brow Strokes Tips & Tricks  features ‘How To’ –  Easy Tips to Make Your Procedures Awesome.

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