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The GodMother of
Permanent MakeUp

IIPC is a nationally recognized educational organization, specializing in the education and training of Permanent Cosmetic Technicians. We teach the protocols, procedures, applications and care encompassed by the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. IIPC is arguably the most prestigious and successful Permanent Cosmetics Institute in the world, and has been setting and exceeding industry standards since its inception.

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics has educated thousands of beauty experts, physicians, nurses, medical personnel and technicians in all aspects of Permanent Cosmetics and Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation procedure applications. IIPC continually updates its course content, most recently adding to the courses in Lip Volumizing with the Hya Pen Genius, Plasma Skin Tightening, BB Glow Camo and Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation Skin Needling™. Other updated classes are for Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT™) Skin Needling™, Scar Relaxation, Melanocyte Restoration, Areola Repigmentation, Microblading Ombré Brows, 3D Brows and Corrective Pigment Camouflage – most of which are innovative, some are medically-influenced procedures developed to help people with skin irregularities.

IIPC boasts an impressive record of driven students, successful graduates, skilled technicians and top-tier instructors. Some of the most well-known and profitable Permanent Cosmetics Technicians have been educated at IIPC, and many of them have even returned to teach at our institution.

IIPC’s founder, Ms. Susan Church, is a world-renown artist, author, educator, lecturer, Expert Witness1 in lawsuits for both the Plaintiff & the Defendant2 and successful practitioner in the fields of Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation & Cosmetic Semi-Permanent and Permanent MakeUp.

Since 1988, she has been the ultimate pioneer in Permanent Cosmetics, and continues to develop and educate on innovative products, techniques and business practices for the industry she loves. Her clients/patients have even given her the honor of being called ‘The Godmother of Permanent MakeUp’.

Ms. Church has been in the beauty industry since 1967. After opening 3 full-service salons she decided to focus strictly on Permanent MakeUp in 1988.

Transitioning from Traditional Makeup to ‘Permanent Make Up’

After attending her first Permanent MakeUp class in 1988, the company she took a class from hired her to become an educator for them and rewrite their educational manual.

She was blessed to work with Dr. Richard Grossman of Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles, CA., Dr Elliott Rose of NY, Dr Bruce Weiner of NB, CA and many other specialty plastic surgeons. Here she felt ‘right at home’ performing ‘Corrective Pigment Camouflage’ (CPC) on burn patients to restore their skin tones to some semblance of colour normalcy, create and define lip contours, create brows on burned tissue to mimic life-like hairs and more.

In the process of working on these burn patients, she discovered that while using her traditional tattoo coil machine, the burn patient’s skin became smoother and had softened the fibrous bands of scar contractured tissue creating maneuverability in that specific procedure area. Her patients also experienced plumping up of their indented surgical sites and in wrinkles.

Some of the burn patients as well as the plastic surgery patients had hypo-pigmented tissue from surgical incisions. As she would soften these areas prior to repigmenting them, many of them would end up repigmenting themselves by ‘Melanocyte Restoration’.

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Dr Grossman's Office w Patient

Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration & Scar Relaxation

After many successful cases of these procedures, she gave them each appropriate procedure names. ‘Skin Needling’ for the wrinkles, ‘Scar Relaxation’ for softening the scar tissue and ‘Melanocyte Restoration’ for the repigmentation of the burned/scar hypo-pigmented areas of tissue.

Ms. Church wrote research articles on each of these procedures and lectured at medical and burn conferences, in 1990 and 1991. Sharing her photographs of the burn patients and protocols with physicians. Articles were published in the SPC Newsletters describing techniques as well. She lectured for many individual support groups from alopecia groups, burn support groups, different medical conditions groups, acne with other skin conditions groups, and cancer support groups that had featured her articles on these procedures. The biggest disappointment was that she was not permitted to have any of her research published in ‘medical journals’ as she was not a physician. Years later, the physicians started taking credit for what she showed and lectured on years previously, even saying they coined the terms that she used in her articles and lectures.

When interviewed on how she felt about this, Ms. Church stated “My patients from Dr. Grossman and Dr. Rose, Dr Weiner, my assistant Marty and the staff at the medical offices, the insurance companies and Government Agencies that were billed for these services but most importantly God, knows what I did as I was working on their patients”.

Dr. Rose asked Ms. Church to Author a Chapter in His Medical Textbook

Rose, E.H. (ed) Aesthetic Facial Restoration. Philadelphia: Lipincott-Raven; 1998.
…illustrated with over 400 patient photographs and lifelike color drawings…demonstrates restoration techniques, methods of repairing defects in every part of the face, and the use of cosmetic camouflage by experts in the field.

She is the featured author of Chapter 8 “Microdermal Pigmentation”.

Founder of
Susan Church is the Co-Founder, past president, former board member and Director of Education for the Society of Permanent Cosmetics (SPC) later to be changed to the name of Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). As a result of her success as founder of IIPC, she was chosen as the SPCP’s Education Advisor for 2004 – 2005. She wrote many articles for their newsletter, sat on the ‘Panel of Experts’ and was a Subject Matter Expert (SME) lecturer for many conferences sharing her medical data.

She later founded with Pamela Abshear the ‘League of Permanent Cosmetic Providers’ (LPCP). For more info on the LPCP -a non-profit organization, please visit

Dr Elliott Rose MD Book

Representing ALL Permanent Makeup Artists in the State of California

  • Susan Church is the only Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Technician in the state of California to have been appointed to the task force of the California Conference of Local Health Officers by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics) SPC.
  • Ms. Church was chosen to represent all of California’s Permanent Cosmetics industry, and in 1999 was honored with the organization’s Distinguished Service Award for Industry-Supportive Work.

From the SPCP Newsletter California Legislation Update

Did we have an exciting year! California passed a law to regulate the permanent cosmetics, tattoo and body piercing industries as of January 1,1999. The law required the creation of a task force with one member from a non-profit trade association for the permanent cosmetic industry on it. That of course, was the Society. We elected to put Susan Church (my SPCP co-founder) on the task force representing not only the Society but the entire permanent cosmetic field. And what a wonderful job she did in a very tough situation.

The law says all permanent cosmetic technicians, tattoo artists and piercers must register by 1/1/99. Therefore, many counties will start to require people pay for either a license or registration in early 1999.

Beyond that it is not clear how the law is going to be enforced. The state could advise the counties on model guidelines or the counties could pass their own legislation, an option not very likely to happen. Therefore, we felt it was important to let all California technicians know some of the state’s proposed guidelines – such as their suggestion all businesses have two sinks and that technicians be required to take CPR. We mailed an information packet written by Susan Church to almost 1500 people from the three industries in California and did they respond! The State of California did not know what hit them and suffice it to say no more has been heard on the two-sink idea! However, many technicians did not mind the idea of CPR which is why we are offering a class prior to the convention.
by Susan Preston

Products For Permanent MakeUp

IIPC provides a comprehensive selection of Permanent MakeUp Products, manufactured in FDA-approved labs right here in the United States. Our cutting-edge machines, equipment and supplies are sought out by those who strive for success in Permanent Cosmetics with MAGIC Anesthesia being sold in over 35 countries. has over 500 products available to professionals to help you achieve perfection as a Permanent Make Up Artist.

By continuously establishing and exceeding the standards held by the Permanent MakeUp Industry, IIPC and Susan Church remain one of the authorities in Permanent Cosmetic Education and Products. Join us, and see what the buzz is all about!

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