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Specializing in Microblading, ’Perfect Brow Strokes', Lash Enhancement, Full Eyeliner, Lip Blushing, Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (Microneedling), Areola Repigmentation, Melanocyte Restoration, Scar Relaxation, BB Glow, Inkless Tattoos and Inkless Applications.


Elevate Your Skills with Online Permanent MakeUp Courses and Certification

Unlock new horizons in the world of beauty and aesthetics with our comprehensive online courses and certification in Permanent MakeUp. Designed for aspiring professionals and seasoned artists alike, our programs provide in-depth training, practical exercises and industry-recognized certification, all from the comfort of your own home. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your skills and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Why Choose PMU Online Classes?

PMU Online Classes has the Most Comprehensive Classes Both in Classroom or Online!

Instructors have a private practice as well as being Worldwide Master Educators.

For over 35 years (since 1988) we have been providing our students with the best proven techniques, tools and most sought-after education available.

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Procedures Vital For the Beauty Medical Industry!

  • Men and women of all ages are seeking out ‘Certified Technicians’ for all types of antiaging procedures.
  • Discover the benefits of ‘Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy’ (CRT) aka, Microneedling, CIT, Skin Stamping, Skin Channeling, Skin Needling, Neocollagenesis and others.
  • Many of our patients tell us they are addicted to our ‘Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy’ treatments as beauty begins with great skin treatments and products!
  • ‘Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation Procedures’

4 Types of CRT

  • 2 Types For Facial Rejuvenation
  • Melanocyte Restoration
  • Scar Relaxation
  • Specific ‘Wrinkle Reduction’ and Full Face ‘Feathering Treatments’ for Skin Rejuvenation.

Melanocyte Restoration

  • Can improve Hypo-pigmentation by repigmentation of the problematic areas of concern.

Scar Relaxation

  • Will relax the fibrous bands of scar tissue.
  • Will create more maneuverability of contractured tissue in the treatment area.
  • Will flatten and soften scars

Corrective Pigment Camouflage

  • Pigment can be implanted to blend into the surrounding problematic area making that area less noticeable.

BB Glow Skin Treatments

  • Have been proven to help with the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall appearance of the skin. Serums are specific for your individual skin problem. They also leave your skin glowing with a hint of colour.

Areola Repigmentation

  • Our specific protocol of application makes your areolas so realistic that patients are amazed at their results.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our online courses are meticulously crafted by industry experts to cover all aspects of Permanent MakeUp techniques, including Perfect Brow Strokes, Creating the Perfect Brows (by Microblading Tools or Machines), Lip Liner & Full Lip Colour, Lip Sparkling, Beauty Marks, Lash Enhancement and Eyeliner.

  • From fundamental theory to advanced application techniques, you'll gain a deep understanding of the necessary skillsets to develop proficiency in a wide range of procedures.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Through our state-of-the-art online platform, you'll enjoy an immersive learning experience. Engage with interactive modules, high-definition video tutorials, and step-by-step demonstrations that bring the art of Permanent MakeUp to life. Our virtual classroom fosters active participation, ensuring you receive personalized attention and feedback from our experienced instructors.
  • Flexible Schedule: We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle, which is why our online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Whether you're a full-time professional, a parent, or have other commitments, our self-paced modules allow you to study whenever and wherever it suits you. No need to compromise your schedule; you're in control of your learning journey.
  • Online Hands-on Exercises: Theory is just the beginning. Our courses include practical assignments and exercises that enable you to apply your knowledge and hone your skills. You will gain confidence and proficiency in performing Permanent MakeUp procedures.
  • Class Room Hands-on Education: Once you complete our ‘Online Modules’ you have the additional option to attend a Hands-On class with one of our world class educators.
  • Industry-Recognized Certification: Upon successful completion of our online courses, you will receive a prestigious certificate that demonstrates your expertise in Permanent MakeUp and/or our Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation classes. Since 1988, our certification has been widely recognized and respected within the medical, beauty and aesthetics industry, opening doors to career advancement and professional recognition.
  • The Online Class Modules are an adjunct to our Hands-On Classes. Learn theory/didactics and when you are proficient in all of the drawing exercises, you are now able to schedule a Hands-On Class with one of our Master Educators. The Hands-on Classes are not included in the Online Module class fees.
  • Schedule a ‘One-on-One Consultation’ You also have the additional option to with an individual educator via Facetime or chatting on the phone. These sessions are in increments of 15 minutes or 30 minutes
  • To enroll in the Hands-On Classes, contact our office by email. There are 2 types of classes:
    - Group Classes. These classes will be advertised as they become available.
    - One-on-One Individual Class with just you and an Educator.
    Days of requested class times are determined by each educator as they access your specific needs.
  • Learn the Latest Techniques By taking any of our classes does not guarantee any type of employment placement. You will however, have an excellent opportunity to learn through our Online Modules the latest techniques, Tips & Tricks and have the best education available!
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Embark on a Journey of Transformation

Are you ready to elevate your skills and embark on a rewarding career in Permanent MakeUp or ‘Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation Procedure’ classes? Enroll in our online courses today and unlock the limitless possibilities of this rapidly growing field. We are dedicated to empowering professionals in the medical, dental and beauty industry and aspiring artists to become confident, ‘Certified’ skilled professionals. Transform your passion into expertise and make your mark in the world of Permanent MakeUp or ‘Advanced Paramedical Micropigmentation’ Procedures.