Fundamentals of Perfect Brow Strokes

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Fundamentals of  ‘Perfect Brow Strokes’

Your First, Easy Steps to Creating ‘Perfect Brow Strokes’

The Fundamentals PBS consisting of 5 Modules Include The Following Essential Information:

     MODULE 1   

  • 18U Blade
  • Top Left 1st,2nd3rd Brow
  • Medial Brow Strokes
  • Creating The Perfect Arch
  • Utilizing the Ruler With Level
  • Perfecting The Lateral Bones
  • Correct Needle/Blade Position
  • Valuable Tips
  • 3 Examples


  • 18U Blade
  • Right 4th & 5th Brow
  • Creating The Perfect Arch
  • Utilizing the Ruler With Level
  • Proper Client Positioning
  • Needle Positioning
  • Perfecting The Lateral Bones
  • Valuable Tips
  • 2 Examples


  • 18U Blade
  • Ruler With Level
  • Perfecting The Lateral Bones
  • 6th and 7th Brow LOD
  • Needle Positioning
  • Valuable Tips
  • 2 Examples


  • 18U Blade
  • Proper Hair Guides
  • LOD
  • How to Hold The MIDAS Hand Tool
  • Arch Guide
  • Discuss Holiday’s
  • Baby Hair Strokes
  • Proper Stretching Techniques
  • Touch ‘n Go’s
  • Discuss Entire Pad Strokes
  • Needle Positioning
  • Valuable Tips
  • 1 Example


  • 18U Blade
  • We Use Glycolic X-tra Prior to Each Treatment
  • Needle Use For Dry Skin, Sun Damaged & Oily Skin
  • Different Hair Stroke Patterns
  • Needle Pressure
  • Stain, Semi-Permanent or Permanent Brows?
  • Draw Along With Us
  • To Perfect Your Drawing Skills!
  • Match Hair Strokes to The Opposite Brow.
  • Needle Pressure
  • To Bleed, Or Not to Bleed?
  • Get Your Pad Ready and Follow Us As We Make ‘Perfect Brow Strokes’.
  • Mimic Hair Strokes From the Left Brows
  • Fluid Maneuverability
  • Brow Measurements
  • Technician Positioning
  • Discuss Holidays
  • Building the Bones of the Brow
  • Baby Hair Strokes
  • Working With Your Pattern
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Length of Each Stroke
  • Positioning of Hair Strokes
  • Patterns of Hair Strokes
  • Patterns of Natural Hair Growth
  • Which Brow Is Easier To Work On?
  • Where To Sit – Body Positioning
  • Bones of the Brow
  • V Hair Strokes
  • Wishbone Hair Strokes
  • Number of Passes for Brow Strokes
  • Thin Skin vs Thick Skin


INCLUDES a ‘Perfect Brow Strokes’ Workbook

  • Easy “Step-by-Step’  Workbook Instructions
  • Print out this workbook and follow along during the video.


Professional technicians have shared with us, that if do not understand pigment and needle depth placement after watching this module, keep watching it until it clicks in your memory!

Other Brow Modules To Consider:

Now that You Have Learned Easy Trips from The Fundamental Perfect Brow Class, here are other educational modules to assist you in your PMU journey!

You Are Ready to Learn How to Create

‘Perfect Hair Strokes’

All Modules Are Application Specific

‘Stained’ Brow Colour vs ‘Semi-Permanent’ Colour vs ‘Permanent’ Brow Colour  features the Depths of Needle Insertion.

Perfect Brow Strokes Tips & Tricks  features ‘How To’ –  Easy Tips to Make Your Procedures Awesome.


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