Eyebrow Architecture & Design Fundamentals Creating Guidelines for Eyebrow Symmetry

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About Course

Eyebrow Architecture & Design Fundamentals

             Creating Guidelines for Eyebrow Symmetry

For Men and Women

This Class Module Will Focus on Drawing Symmetrical Eyebrows.


Creating Guidelines For Eyebrow Symmetry

Includes Video and Downloadable 85+ Page Workbook

Eyebrow Architecture Design Fundamentals Video Includes:

All Brow Stroke Instructions are on Synthetic Pads
  • Drawing on Photos of Many Different Types of Facial Shapes And Other Mediums for Best Results
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Over 10 Ways to Create Different Eyebrow Brow Patterns
  • ‘Golden Ratio’ Photos
  • Brow Anatomy Design
  • Anatomy of the Nose
  • Measurements of The Perfect Face
  • Proper Facial Symmetry
  • Skin’s Elasticity
  • Tips to Create Fabulous Looking Brows
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Tools To Create With
  • Universal Emotions
  • Creating With the Brow Bow
  • Orbital Ridge
  • Brow Mapping and More
  • Creating ‘Perfect Brow Strokes’ on a Burn Survivor with Pigment Colours
  • Tips For Creating Brows for Cancer & Alopecia Patients
  • Pigment Colour Tips

Eyebrow Architecture & Design Workbook

  •  85+ Pages of Tips & Tricks For Drawing Brow Guide Lines
  • Creating Your Clients Brow Pattern
  • Drawing Brow Symmetry
  • Suggested Brow Patterns to Help You Create Great Looking Brows
  • Tips on How to Draw Shapes
  • Tools To Create Great Symmetrical Brows
  • Drawing Brows for Different Ethnicities and Facial Shapes
  • Watch, Learn and Repeat!

Now that You Have Learned How to Create Symmetrical Brows…

You Are Ready to Learn How to Create ‘Perfect Hair Strokes’

All Modules Are Application Specific

Check out…

Fundamentals of Perfect Brow Strokes     features Fundamentals of Hair Strokes, the How, Why, What and Where.
‘Stained’ Brow Colour vs ‘Semi-Permanent’ Colour vs ‘Permanent’ Brow Colour  features the Depths of Needle and Pigment Insertion.
Perfect Brow Strokes Tips & Tricks  features ‘How To’ –  Easy Tips to Make Your Procedures Awesome.





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Course Content


  • Video
  • Eyebrow Architecture & Design Workbook