Pivotal Tools & Techniques for Permanent MakeUp

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We are asked quite often about the differences of PMU machines on the market.

Look at different machines and compare the specs of each machine. It can be overwhelming!

We prefer and use the BRONC machine to create our artistic PMU as it is a workhorse.

In this Module of Pivotal Tools & Techniques for PMU, you will find 45+ awesome pages of tips and tricks. There are charts, photos and pages of great information that is taught only in our classes!  A student is learning the Perfect Depth of Pigment showing you exactly what the secret is! Learn about ‘The Skinny on Needles’ including information on different needle sizes, short, medium, long or extra long tapers and what needles and techniques we use for our personal procedures and so much more!

The quickest and easiest techniques in Permanent MakeUp and traditional tattooing is the Pointillism and Pixel Techniques which is shown in detail on slide 37.

Many beginning technicians get overwhelmed with the concept of making a mark on a persons skin.

Learning proper PMU techniques, especially when using a manual tool, is imperative that you learn from a qualified, certified person, that has been in the industry for many years and has completed hundreds of successful procedures.

As the technician becomes familiar and proficient with the manual tool, many move on to a using a machine for larger procedure work. Both are acceptable modalities for PMU application. It comes down to which modality you are comfortable using! We prefer the 18 U Blade MIDAS manual tool for much of our brow work along with the BRONC digital machine with a 1 or tight 3 needle for Nano strokes.

Start your education with us to learn that sometimes when using a smaller diameter needle, you will spend more time working as it does not hold the pigment of a larger cluster.

Learn the correct way the first time. Please, do not put a needle to a person skin until you have mastered insertion without maceration.

Our Brow Modules each contain a plethora of information on how to become a successful PMU Brow specialist.

Being in the PMU industry since 1988, we have mastered many techniques that we will share with you on your journey to success!

One of the biggest concerns for technicians is, how many passes do you make in the skin? There is no MAGIC number of implant passes.

There is no magic needle grouping or machine!  Everyone ‘s skin is different. Have you heard the old saying… “It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools”?  If you purchase reputable tools for your PMU, get a great education, become certified and practice drawing brows daily, you should be golden!

Please do not ask other technicians what is correct as they may give you an incorrect answer.

With ‘PMU Online Classes’, you will get a great education from 35+ years of knowledge, thousands of procedures and many successful graduates. Let us help you build a fabulous future!

It is a creative effort, that you will get out what you put in! We are here to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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